Wordpress files not found


Last night when I set up my account for the first time I was instantly able to instal and view Wordpress. After being unable to locate the Wordpress files on my ftp (using FileZilla), I started messing around with databases, mysqls, so on…I’m not really sure what I did as far as deleting and creating. At this point whenever I try to create a new database and install Wordpress on it, the Web Panel shows it as installed, but I get no confirmation email to activate it. When I finally uninstall or delete the database, I get an email stating:

The problem was we couldn’t download the wordpress installation files!
(Looked at fir: )
Please wait a little bit and attempt to re-install it again later.

I have no idea what to do at this point.

This is what my website looks like right now:

Index of /

  Name                    Last modified      Size  Description      favicon.gif             19-Mar-2012 10:37    0   
  favicon.ico             19-Mar-2012 10:37    0   

So frustrated. Hoping this is an easy fix. Thanks for any help you can offer.



When you connect to your user on dreamhost with an ftp account, your looking at /home/myuser/ you should see at least two two files mywebsite.org and logs and possibly a maildir for your mail. point your s/ftp program to /home/myuser/mywebsite.org and then see what you can find.



That would explain why the directory is empty.

That appears to be the provided solution.