Wordpress file upload limits



I am trying to figure out how to upload audio podcasts that range in size up to 100mb, but it says the limit is 7mb.

I read the wiki :

but it was very complicated as I am a novice at this.

Is there a way to pull the audio file from somewhere else, like you do with a video file from youtube?

Or can someone give me simple directions as to how to increase the audio file size.



The script provided by DH regular sXi is a really good/easy one that I used:


Thanks for the help sdayman. I have the ini.php installed now and it did automatically increase the file limit to 20mb, but some of the content I upload is larger than that. I went in and tried to change the values manually in the ini.php, but it doesn’t seem to change the limit. Any advice?

Thanks in advance.


It should be editable to any size you need. However, remember that you may have to increase your PHP Memory Limit also to get it to allow such large uploads without timing out. 100mgs is pushing it on a shared server.

Edit both of these: PHP Max Upload Size, and PHP Max Post Size and check the settings in whatever platform you are using to serve your pages, if applicable.


post_max_size = n
upload_max_filesize = n

Where n is in MegaBytes.

You can run the touch command on dispatch.fcgi so the server reloads the process and your changes are reflected immediately.

$ touch ~/domain.tld/cgi-bin/dispatch.fcgi