Wordpress file management

Hello - I have a wordpress blog from the one-click installs and am using the wp easy uploader plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-easy-uploader/) to upload pdfs into my own directories on the server. However, i can not figure out how to then insert links to these pdfs from posts and pages, as I can not browse my directories and get the filenames without going into dreamhost’s ftp web panel. kinda painful!
how can I view my folders and files and link to them easily while I am posting a new post or page in wordpress? the LINK button wants a URL, and the media icon only searches images in the media folder, not the new directories I created.
THANKS (I also posted this on the wordpress.org support forum)

The plugin uploads to domain.com/wp-content/uploads so anything you create would be there. So you would link it to something like http://www.domain.com/wp-content/uploads/some_document.pdf or http://www.domain.com/wp-content/uploads/some_folder_you_created/some_document.pdf Copy and paste is your friend. Keep all file/folder names lowercase for simplicity’s stake, and use underscores (_) rather than spaces before uploading.

Hi thanks Sean. The uploader actually allows me to make new directories, which I did, that sit outside of the uploads folder on the server. I guess I could go into the FTP folder and copy the filenames into a URL in each post. But what Im really looking for is a button on the toolbar of a post/page that allows me to insert a link to one of these files by browsing to it. Just like the insert picture, video, audio and media buttons.

Easy Uploader is an FTP substitute. It sounds like you’re attempting standard media uploads to include in your posts. Why not use WordPress’ built-in uploader? It’ll show you the URL of what you uploaded. If you use the Media Library when composing a message, it’ll show you everything you’ve uploaded. Clicking on it will bring up the URL, and even an Insert Into Post/Page button.