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Hello. Does anyone know where WordPress places “Pages” that are generated using the WordPress admin panel? Thanks.

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“Pages are not files. They are stored in your database just like Posts are.” (from http://codex.wordpress.org/Pages). :wink:


Basicaly when you create a page it has its own link and doesn’t show up along with normal posts.

When you create the page you can create the url by setting it under post slug to make it http://domain.com/post slug.

You can change the layout of pages seperately to posts by editing the page.php file in the template folder.

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Hello monkey. Yes, I realize this. The page in question is at


I can arrange the overall layout by customizing page.php in my theme. However, when I try to add content through it through my site’s WordPress admin panel it mangles the HTML and PHP tags I try to put in there. (This biggest problem-makers are the

and <?php * ?> tags. Does it save an “about” page somewhere on the site, or is “about” just some text saved in the database?


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If “About” is a “Page” that you edit from within the admin “write” section of the back-end, then it is “just some text saved in the database”, and should you want to embed PHP in it (for instance, like <?php list_authors() ?>), or most HRML, or any Javascript for that matter, then you will need to use a plugin to enable you to do that, as the default WordPress will mangle “code”.

It appears that is the case on your site (though I have seen some templates/themes with “About” information actually embedded in the theme files - they are the exception). :wink:

Did you get the other “home page issue” sorted? Since you never responded to that thread, I didn’t know if the two workarounds I showed you met your needs.


Hello parker. Thank you. That is very helpful. Do you happen to know of a plugin that can be used to prevent code in Pages from being mangled?

The home page issue is more-or-less resolved, as I am going to hard-code it into the top of the list. However, it is low priority at the moment and may not be needed when I implement the drop-down menus. Thanks!

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There are actually several, available via the plugins search at wordpress.org.

Bear in mind finding the one you like the best may take some experimenting, as they differ somewhat in feature set and in the versions of WP with which they are compatible (sometimes, plugins take a while to “catch up” to newer version of WP.)

The one I use, with WP2.0+, and PHP5 (which are defaults at DH), is Php-Exec, and I know that it works for things such as embedding wp_list_pages(1,2), etc. Of course, you may like a different one better, so it might be worth taking a little time and experimenting. :wink:


Hi parker. Thanks. This is very helpful. I’ll be sure to look into it. At the moment I’m trying to make a custom template, but I’ve sort of run into a roadblock. Here’s a link to the support request I made for it on the WordPress site:


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Thanks for the help! I ended up using a plugin called ‘Inline PHP’ downloadable from the WordPress plugin library. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update, and I am very happy you got everything working the way you wanted. :slight_smile: