WordPress Exploit or Pagespeed?

When I’m logged into one of my WordPress sites, I see this:


/* <![CDATA[ */[/php] That whole var thing with the totally hash looking variables is in there, unless the admin bar is showing.

It appears to be JavaScript code that determines if JavaScript is enabled for capturing mouse clicks and key press events. Possibly an attempt to avoid automated spambots from submitting comment spam, creating fake users, etc.

Hmmm… duh.

I do believe I have a plugin that does something like that. That I totally forgot about.

I’ll have to poke around and see now. I reacted to someone in irc saying “your site has been exploited” and this being right in the midst of the server going up and down so much the last two days, it should be named Otis instead of Lilwowe or whatever it’s called.

'cause no amount of Google-fu brought me any results, and if it was some kind of WordPress exploit I’d figure I’d have to find something similar. Of course, not searching for the hash like stuff.