WordPress Errors

I’ve been trying to get help on the WordPress forums for a few days for a bunch of errors that keep coming in my email, but I’ve gotten no responses. I hope someone here can help.

This is what I posted on the WP forums:

I keep receiving emails with the subject, “Bad Link to (URL),” with messages like these:

[code] A user tried to go to http://www.sassydevil.com/about/function (value) { var i; for (i = 0; i < this.length; i++) { if (this[i] === value) { return true; } } return false;} and received a 404 (page not found) error. It wasn’t their fault, so try fixing it.
They came from http://www.sassydevil.com/about/

A user tried to go to http://www.sassydevil.com/function (value) { var i; for (i = 0; i < this.length; i++) { if (this[i] === value) { return true; } } return false;} and received a 404 (page not found) error. It wasn’t their fault, so try fixing it.
They came from http://www.sassydevil.com/

A user tried to go to http://www.sassydevil.com/news//function (value) {var i;for (i=0; i < this.length; i++) {if (this[i] === value) {return true;}}return false;} and received a 404 (page not found) error. It wasn’t their fault, so try fixing it.
They came from http://www.sassydevil.com/news//index.php?action=redirect
[/code]What do these messages mean, and how can I fix them? I don’t have a news page, so how could someone come from http://www.sassydevil.com/news//index.php, and why are there two slashes after “news”?


Looks like someone is trying to go to a page that isn’t there or there is a link that is wrong.

Also what plugins are you using it could be a plugin of some kind not working properly.

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But it says they’re coming from pages that don’t exist. There are very few links on my site right now, because I haven’t really started it yet. There’s no news page, as I said, so it doesn’t make sense that someone could come from the news page.

These are the plugins I’m using:

Access By Category
Bad Behavior
Book Reviews Plugin
Character Set Conversion
Crawl Page
del.icio.us Widget
Email Immunizer
Google Search Widget
Jerome’s Keywords
Maintenance Mode (ONLY active when in use)
Post Teaser
Sidebar Widgets
WordPress Database Backup


I tried looking around your site and I don’t see any errors at all, my guess is it is someone trying to hack into your Wordpress install by code injection, but all they are getting back is the 404 page from wordpress so they have been unsuccessful so far.

I suggest logging in via ftp and taking a look at the logs and trying to find out their IP address so you can block them using .htaccess

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I’ve never had Wordpress email me on a 404 error, so I’ll guess that it’s a plugin acting up – or maybe even the theme, if you didn’t have the problem before changing themes.

Are the emails coming in fast enough the you could quickly tell if the problem is fixed? If so, I’d disable all plugins and see if it stops. If it does, enable them one at a time until it starts again.

Once you hit the one that kicks the problem in, you could also disable all of them again, then just re-enable the one that caused the problem. If that doesn’t bring the problem back, maybe that plugin is clashing with another, so you could leave it on and activate them one at a time again until you see which two aren’t playing nicely with each other.

If disabling the plugins doesn’t help, I’d switch back to the default theme and see if that does it.

Hopefully that will help narrow it down!

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The folowing plugins should be ok Akismet, Google Search Widget, Jerome’s Keywords. The rest I don’t really know.

I would suggest replacing Crawl Page with google sitemap generator, I don’t think crawl page is updated anymore so may not be suitable for newer wordpress installs.

Check that each plugin is compatible with the version of wordpress as there has been an update fairly recently and some plugins may be wrong.

Think it may be a plugin as it is showing functions in the errors

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Thanks, all.

I will try disabling the plugins one by one, if something else I found doesn’t work. I haven’t had a chance to work on my site this weekend, but hopefully later today I will. I found an older post on the WP boards where people were getting errors like this, and said they stopped after they changed the permalink settings. I’m using the same ones I’ve used with previous versions of WP (I uninstalled the old version, a 2.0 version, which was necessary to switch to the new version that I recently updated from 2.11, to 2.12, to 2.13), but I’m going to be mad if I can’t keep using that format.


I found out the problem is indeed with the permalink settings, but I can’t figure out how to solve the problem and use the custom structure that I’ve used with previous versions of WordPress (I haven’t used my site in a while, and did a totally new install of WordPress, since it was a new version and required deleting old files, anyway).

Here’s the custom structure I want to use:

/% category%/%postname%/ (without the space between the first percentage sign and the “c”–this message board keeps translating that into a character without the space)

This will cause posts to show like this:


The posts show up ok, but I keep receiving the errors by email. I’ve confirmed that DreamHost uses mod_rewrite, and I didn’t have my .htaccess file writable, so I corrected that, and then updated my permalink settings, but I still get the errors.

Is anyone using WordPress (especially version 2.13) with this structure without problems? Thanks!


Do you have other pages on your site that WordPress might mistake for being a post in “permalink” format?

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I’m posting what solved the problem for me, for anyone else who might experience it. It was, indeed, a plugin. I think I forgot to update the permalink structure the first time I tried going through the plugins, and didn’t discover it. Anyway, the one that caused the problems was Jerome’s Keywords v1.9. I found an edit on a blog (not for the problem I was having, but errors with permalinks, nevertheless), and it didn’t work, so I’ve deleted the plugin entirely. If anyone has this problem in the future, and you don’t have Jerome’s Keywords (if you do, try deactivating it and see if that stops the problem), deactivate all your plugins and reactivate them, one by one, and update the permalink structure after each one. When you find the error, you’ll know which plugin(s) caused the problem. If you find one is a problem, deactivate it, but keep trying the rest, just in case there are others.