Wordpress Error

It claims that the one click install version of Wordpress is the latest. This is not infact true. It will install version 2.2. there is a 5. something now.


First, I think you mean 1.2 v. 1.5, not 2.2 v. 5.x.

Second, Wordpress 1.5 was released today. You can’t expect DH to have a custom distribution ready for use the very day the software is released. Give them a little time to package the new version for their one-click system and test it for problems. I’m sure it will be available before too long.

You can always download and install it yourself if you’re really that impatient.

I actually successfully installed v1.5 Tuesday afternoon (Eastern time), although I must say I don’t like the new skin (as well as the classic one) AT ALL.

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heh, i didnt know it was released today. :slight_smile:

I didn’t either…hadn’t gone into the support pages in a few days…

I had already upgrated to 1.3/1.5 beta and just upgrated to 1.5 release last night…working like a champ…