WordPress easy install favicon change

I recently installed WordPress with a one-click easy install (non-custom), and I noticed when I access the website files through ftp they are not there. I understand that you don’t get access to files through the non-custom install. However, can you change the favicon?

I noticed that there is at least a favicon file in the sub-domain that I created when I installed WP, but replacing it doesn’t change it from the DH favicon to my own. (At least it hasn’t changed yet. I know that sometimes favicons can be touchy and slow to respond.)

Any ideas: I’d hate to reinstall WP just to change the favicon.

You cannot change anything like that with the easy install of WP. All of the files are located in a central place that is inaccessible to you. This is why nothing shows up when you log in via ftp because they are not under your user. You will have to do a custom install of WP. It is not all that complicated if you try it.

You are correct…the custom install is not really more difficult. I was able to switch it over in a few minutes. Thankfully I haven’t written anything yet. Favicon is changed too: www.blog.welingua.com. Thanks.