[Wordpress] E-mails from Wordpress return unformatted



I’m using WordPress in conjunction with s2member. The lost password function (http://www.nasarracenia.org/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword) sends an e-mail like this:

It is unformatted with no new line characters or html. Worse, it completely omits the confirmation link. My wp-login.php “retrieve_password” looks normal and I have not altered it. Any ideas? Where do I go to fix this? Could this be a configuration issue on the Dreamhost mail server side? When testing, I do receive the e-mails, but it’s odd that they’re completely unformatted, especially even if just plaintext it’s still all on one line. The membership subscription plugin s2member allows for configuration of the welcome e-mail, so I added br-tags to break those lines and it’s working, but it’s still exceedingly odd that the “lost password” e-mail I receive contains no confirmation link.

The plugin WP Better Emails (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-better-emails/), as promised, fixed the sender name and sender e-mail, but the lost password e-mail was still unformatted (no html wrapper came through from WP Better Emails) and the link to reset a user password was still absent. E-mails are going to gmail.

Is my install (3.3.1) somehow stripping all html from e-mails? I had a similar problem with the welcome e-mail, but the s2member plugin allows you to edit the content of the e-mail, so I added br-tags to add line breaks.

Any help would be appreciated!