Wordpress Duplicator

I am trying to copy an existing website and put the copy on a mock website to make changes without messing it up. I am using this Duplicator plugin for wordpress but I get to a spot that I have no idea what information to put in. I have looked all over. I just keep getting fail. It looks like this

MySQL Server
Host ( )
Host Port ( )
Database ( )
User ( )

New URL ( )

Please help!


When trying to input I get this.

Action Connect and Remove All Data is checked
Host (I have the right host)
Name (I have no idea I have tried all the names under mysql for this url)
User (I know this and it works)
Password (this works too)
When I hit test connection I get Server Connected: Success
Database Found: FAIL

That’s for the existing WordPress installation, correct? All that info can be found in your wp-config.php file.

Just keep in mind you’ll have to create a new SQL database for your duplicate installation.

Hi Anthony - You need to go onto DreamHost and set up the database first and then use these DBName - User - Password in these fields. On that same page I believe it has the Host name for your account