WordPress - Duplicator plugin - Internal Server 500 Error

I’m trying to migrate a site onto DreamHost server using Duplicator plugin and I keep getting a “Internal Server Error” Code 500. I have been using this plugin flawlessly for years and it has worked fine but recently it seems to no longer work on DreamHost and Godaddy. Can someone help me with this… Its a super small website for a homeless shelter I’m doing it pro-bono. HELP… Please…

Take a look at your server error logs and see what, if anything, is listed there.

I cant see any server log in the Logs directory - I know this is a bit outside my skill level

There are always logs in your Dreamhost account.

If you FTP to your server, look in your home directory. You’ll see your domain.com directory and a “logs” directory.

In your “logs” directory is a log directory for your domain.com. In that is an http and/or https directory. Look in the http(s) directory for error.log and access.log. Those are the files to check.

always do a backup before moving. And use the right plugin to transfer with.

I’m having the same problem and, like Brian D, there are no server logs – the log folder is empty. Any ideas?


Try viewing your logs via the command line. IIRC, they are not available via FTP

logs are in fact not available via ftp… SFTP/scp/ssh works…same folder will magically have content.

Note to those still using ftp: STOP.... really just stop... stop using ftp right now. permanently. YOU DON'T NEED IT and IT'S NOT SECURE. Depending on the implementation it probably even gives up your password in clear text to anyone packet sniffing.... at the minimal switch to SFTP it's very similar but encrypted. ftp was yesterday 10 years ago. it's a 25+ year old protocol now.... go set your dreamhost 'users' to "disallow ftp" and stop using ftp forever.

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