Wordpress DreamObjects Dropbox

Okay got a tricky one and there are too many competing terms to search properly to see if this has been discussed elsewhere.

My parents company has an intranet I built using DreamPress. They own automotive repair shops and the managers communicate between one another and the main office via this “portal” if you will.

One of the features they wanted big time in the beginning was a dropbox style interface for uploading their scanned daily paperwork; parts invoices, signed customer invoices, inventories etc.

They had been using a physical server which had numerous issues and paying for a Dropbox account turned out to be less than desireable. The end result was we have a DreamObjects account which we use for backups and CDN but the only direct interface that is similar to Dropbox is a plugin but I can’t seem to figure out how to map the DreamObjects folders to use instead of the internal WP-CONTENT UPLOADS folder which brings me to my problem:

The site keeps going down because we’re up to 165 GB of storage and have to keep scaling up. This Intranet has been up a year. There is no reason to believe it won’t go up that much in the next year and that will surpass the scalability of DreamPress (at this time).

What I’m looking for is a solution that can link the front end Wordpress page to a DreamObjects folder where they can upload their paperwork.


SIDEBAR: It could be accomplished using the internal wordpress structure because the files are all smaller than the upload size but that doesn’t solve the problem of filling up the main site but would allow the data to go up to the CDN DreamObjects folder…hmmmmm

165 GIGS of files? Yikes. That’s huge!

So a couple issues with this. First of all, pretty much any well made WP plugin will copy your files from wp-content to DreamObjects. This is so the WP functions will be processed locally, but also so that there can be a fall back.

Secondly, while IN THEORY you can map a folder to DreamObjects, the actuality is messy and I’ve not yet made it behave the way I want to. It’s not easy, it doesn’t always work, and it’s to do with how file mounts are a pain in the ass.

Does this have to be a part of WordPress? I mean, do they need to access the files via WP or they just want an uploader? I’ve been using a Droplet via Transmit for dumping my files - https://halfelf.org/2016/dreamobjects-droplet/ - and I have two icons on my task bar. One for my personal stuff and one for my work stuff. Lets me just drag and drop into one massive folder.