WordPress/DreamHost weirdness?

So I hate to be a noob, but I’ve run into a delima. I decided to reinstall WP though this time opting for the advanced version to give me more play options. I downloaded and installed everything just fine, got the confirmation email and all that jazz, but when I went to click the link I got the “One-Click Error” message talking about it potentially not installing properly. Well, I figured just to be safe I would try in another browser since I was using Fire Fox and I got the same thing in Explorer, BUT the odd thing is I decided to try Safari on my iPhone and not only did it work, but I have full access to view and edit my site. I’m at a total loss on this or what to do. Any thoughts or help would be fantastic!

P.S. I have actually gotten that message at least three times and I deleted/reinstalled each time before trying my iPhone. [php]