Wordpress Demo content import problem

i have a wordpress site hosted on your servers: propostabenessere.com
I installed a theme which has a really useful demo content but i can’t import it completely.
I tried to do the import 2 times deleting the first tempt and re-doing from the start the second time.
The result is that all the content except the posts is correctly imported.

My problem is that with the import function the site import only 8 posts from the .xml file of my theme.
Here you can see the result of the first import:
and this is the second:

As you can see only 8 post and never the same.
I need to import all the post in the demo content and the support forum of the theme told me that the problem may be caused by a “timing out session” for the import process…
Can you help me? i really need to import the demo content.
The theme anyway is “Agent press” from the “Genesis framework” by Studiopress.

If you want i can give you the xml file of the import datas.

i’ve talked with JJ from the wordpress support and he told me that the problem is the process killer because my xml file is too large (130 posts).

Can i ask if the xml file can be divided into multiple xml files with the right amount of data that can avoid the process killer?

Can you help me doing it from the original xml file? I tried but i didn’t succeed… it imports all the images, the pages, the users, categories and tags but always only 8 posts :frowning: