[Wordpress] Default layout wrong



Hi all, I have some blogs installed on dreamhost, but I don’t know why the only one with problem is http://www.stabaccati.centallo.com as you can see the sidebar is shown after the posts. :frowning:

I tried:

  1. Upgrade to the version 2.0.2
  2. Change theme, but of the defaults installed just the theme of “1.2” wordpress works.
  3. Deactivate all plugins
  4. Delete cache of browser and change browser
  5. Remove the sidebar from index, but the sidebar just diseapper and the blog is always “moved”
  6. Removed the cache of Wordpress
  7. Reinstall again wordpress by hand without touch the DB

All these points was made without success. I post also on wordpress support and the problem they think must be somewhere on the server or (I guess) on the database.

Anyone have any idea?

Karim Gorjux :cool:


believe it or not your site is blocked by my ISP in Kuwait!

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The problem appears to be specific to your homepage, since other blog pages look just fine. Since the page validates okay, I can only assume there is something wrong with the CSS - meaning it is a theme issue of some kind.

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I tried also other themes. But nothing… It’s second time that happen to me this fact. First time I reinstall also the db, but now I wanto to understand!

Karim Gorjux :cool: