Wordpress Dedicated Server memory issue?

Hopefully someone can offer a suggestion;

I’m running Wordpress 3.5.1 on a dedicated Dreamhost server with 16gb of memory. In looking at the memory overview plugins for wordpress, it’s using 55 out of 90 for memory. I have the wp-config set for 96 and just upped it to 128 and restarted the server.

But I’ve had to deactivate something like 4 plugins in the last hour because of the dreaded “allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted” issue that comes up. It was stopping the main page (www.fandompost.com) from loading.

I hadn’t added anything new during the day in terms of plugins or changes, just new posts. We’re at just over 11,000 posts.

any ideas? I’d like to get those plugins back in and working, and they were earlier this morning and for weeks beforehand.

Just because they were working fine for months doesn’t mean the problem is not caused by a bug. Sometimes they can sit idle for years until the right conditions are meet. Have you googled the plugins in question? Maybe others are having the same issues.

There are certain plugins that just don’t share well with others, and especially not when you’ve got ‘more’ traffic than ‘normal’ (pardon the quotes, sometimes that more/normal can be 10 extra users at the right time - servers are funny that way).

Looking at your site and your plugins, I would name these as my highly suspect plugins:

  • better-rss-widget - If you’re using this to bring in your own site’s feed, you can easily cause a recursive loop of doom
  • display-posts-shortcode - Using it once or twice is fine. Using it a bunch of times makes extra loops which can slow you down
  • list-category-posts - Same as display posts. These are things that really should be done via your theme.
  • wordpress-popular-posts - This tends to have a strange effect on any caching, as it has to run when people are visiting your sites, which can slow things down and cause you to run out of memory
  • wp-dbmanager - If your DB is larger than 10megs, this could cause things to hang up. This isn’t the best way to optimize a DB either, as making WP do this work is always slower than commandline or phpMyAdmin.