WordPress databases etc

I have a WordPress installation which I moved over from one domain to another. It is all working.

The old domain can go, it is http://www.thousandsketches.dreamhosters.com

The good one is http://www.thousandsketches.com

I’d like to delete that old domain for tidiness sake.

Funnily enough the blog at http://www.thousandsketches.dreamhosters.com/blog shows the blog just as well as the new site. Which means it must be accessing the same database.

I was not expecting that.

When I go to https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=goodies.installer&

It hows the URL and DB for the old domain but not for the new one.


Does this make sense?

Is it ok?

What would you recommend?


I would just redirect the old domain to the new one. That way if anyone is linking to it, they’ll get forwarded to the correct address.

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That is a good idea, will do that.

That still leaves me with some confusion about WordPress - is there something here in my setup (see my last post) that shhld be fixed before I attempt an upgrade?