Wordpress database

I didn’t know i needed a database to install wordpress and my current plan doesn’t have one.
I was about to buy a “happy hosting plan” but I don’t know if that’s exactly what I need… How do I upgrade to have a database and be able to install wordpress?
If I want to install wordpress on two different domains do I have to buy different databases or one is enough?

shared plans have unlimited dbs
i think vps can run their own or rent

If you have a new site I would go with shared hosting. Like bobcat says you have unlimited mysql databases that come with it. While you can use a single database for multiple wordpress installs, it is recommended to use separate databases (and different users) just for a little added security.

Thanks for the replies. I’d rather not have a shared plan, and I don’t mind using only one database for both domains. I just want to add a database to my current plan I don’t mind paying more, I searched through the panel but I can’t find “add wordpress database”, I know it wont say it like that, but I don’t know how else to look for it
Again, thanks :slight_smile:

just contact support. they should be happy to sell you more products!

you’re right, thanks.