Wordpress Database

Hi, I have hosted with Dreamhost for over a year for one of my sites. I previously hosted a different site of mine through Host Monster. I moved this domain over to my DreamHost account about a month ago. I downloaded all the files off of the Host Monster server so I could transfer them to DreamHost’s server. I was hosting a blog on the site I was transferring and like an idiot forgot about the database.

I need to make a database identical to the old one for the site to work. Where in the Wordpress files would I figure out what I had as my subdomain for the Wordpress database? I figured out the database name, user and password setting from the wp-config file, but for MySQL hostname DB_Host is set to “localhost” so I’m kind of confused as to what it might be.

Or would it be easier to just delete all the files I uploaded to Dreamhost, and then do a fresh one click Wordpress install and then upload only the content, plugins, etc. from my files? Thankfully there were really no users for the site so I don’t have to worry about that and there were only like 10 posts so it seems that this may be a better option?

Thanks in advance for your help!


If you’ve lost the database, that’s most of the guts of WordPress gone there. You may be able to reconstruct some parts of it later, but it’s probably going to be easiest to just start over and re-upload your content.