Wordpress database and plugins

Hi guys I just got the free acct however I can’t get access to WP plugins because it’s asking me to enter the db information for wp, where do I find that?
I mean without that info WP becomes unless to me hopefully I can get access to it do you guys know how?
I am in the process of moving my blog here which I can’t do without that info.

I basically need the db servername dbname and dbpasswd and port

Thanks for the help

If you’re using the free DreamHostApps you can’t add plugins.

The Apps board is down the bottom btw :wink:

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Huh. I guess “worthless” may sometimes accurately describe something that’s free. But I’m sure in this case, it’s worth something.


Thats why I said “useless for me” in my situation it is useless, for others looking for the basic stuff it may work for them but not for me.

Sorry, I thought I saw “worthless.”

Out of curiosity, does wordpress.com allow you to add plugins?