Wordpress dashaboard messed up my several of my sites



Logged in to 3 or 4 of my Wordpress sites this morning, all but one of them looked like this.


[size=small](^would have used img tags if I could^)[/size]

Any idea what happened / how to fix? You cant see it in the screenie but all are up to date.



It’s kind of obvious but check the CSS.


Not seeing what you see. Is the “obvious” problem in this site as well?



It is obvious 1) CSS is used to modify how HTML elements are laid out and their appearance and 2) in your screenshots we are seeing a lack of HTML elements being modified.

First you would want to check if Google Chrome is loading the all external stylesheets using the ‘Tools -> Developer tools -> Network tab’. Since no one else has access to the pages you see after you log in, you’re on your own from there. Additionally check under the hood to see what has changed compared to the fourth site. The CSS files seem to be accessible just fine from here though. Try another computer or browser too.


You could also try forcing a server refresh with Ctrl-f5 and/or clearing the cache.[hr]
and/or try another computer
and/or try another browser

this will help you narrow down where the problem is.


Same issue occurred to me 2 days ago. After about 24 hours of discovering my wordpress admin panel looking like it was in some sort of ‘safe mode’ like the example above, I was notified that my site contained malware and/or malicious code. I submitted a support ticket and was informed that my site had been hacked.

I’m in the process of trying to recover and restore my site.

There are several active threads over the past few days reporting of this problem. It looks like many wordpress sites are being targeted.

My suggestion is that you have a look at your site logs to see if any files were modified recently without your knowledge.


I’m having the same issue with the CSS loading for two dashboards. I did some research and found two possible resolutions but I cannot find the files that need to be updated on the server . I think they are in the root folder. The files are php.ini or .htaccess files. Can someone please help me with the location of the files?
Two possible resolutions:

  1. Check the configuration you use for default_charset in your php.ini file and don’t use any quotes unless you need to the following works fine in testing: from Content-Type: text/css;charset=“utf-8″ to Content-Type: text/css;charset=utf-8
  2. Update .htaccess file to “php_value default_charset utf-8″


I am afraid you’ve been hacked with the spam injection hack going around and infecting WP and platforms. The problem with your dashboard is being caused by the malicious code being written to all of your WP files.

Read this thread: http://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-134262.html

On page 6 there is a good post walking through the steps to find and clean up this mess.

If your sites are not large, you may be able to run this cleaner from your browser, if it fails (times out) you can run it from the command line.

It’s a pain, but it is salvageable.


Thanks All,

DH support has been helping me out with this, will indeed be reading ^that^ thread.



I’m having the same thing happen with my admin panel in Chrome. My sites had been hacked, so I followed the DH instructions, renamed the hacked site, installed a fresh copy of Wordpress with only the two default themes, left the default theme running, and added only one plug-in that I really need (members only). The sites do not appear to have been hacked again, at least not yet. The garbage code is not in my php files, and the logs directory that the hack was creating is not showing up. The dashboard looks fine in Safari for both repaired sites, but looks trashed in Chrome. I’m now not sure whether a different hack has hit the site so soon after I repaired it, or what. Has anyone had this happen to a repaired site, and what did you do?