Wordpress, customizations, and new auto updates

Hi. I have been thinking about running wordpress as a general lightweight CMS but these days am feeling too lazy to have to worry about updating frequently. I would need to have a custom theme and also several plugins and am interested in the “new” auto updating feature of the advanced one-click installs. My guess is that it will wipe out such customizations, but was hoping that someone could confirm one way or the other. It would be great if the custom components could be preserved, it would make my lazy day. Cheers, --chris

The One-Click upgrades leave all of your old work intact. It only updates the core components. I have customized themes and many plugins which are unaffected by the updates. You just have to keep in mind that an update might be incompatible with a theme or plugin. For example, updating to 2.8 killed my Events Calendar widget. The EC people eventually updated the plugin to be compatible with 2.8.


Thanks, that is just what I needed to know. I am assuming that by using the manual updates it would be possible to check for module compatibility before pressing the butting and upgrading. Now I am really excited to give this a try.


I don’t think a manual update (i.e. WP’s internal update mechanism) will check for module compatibility. The good news is that the One-Click update moves your old site to site.old in case you need to revert.