Wordpress Custom One Click Install Problems

This has probably been answered before but I can’t find it. I Hope someone can help me, I’m kind of a newb :-/

I signed up for hosting with DreamHost today and registered the domain name “natalieturriart.com” through DreamHost. All I want to do is install the full “custom” version of wordpress to use as my CMS (I want to be able to use custom templates etc…). I chose dreamHost for the advertised ease of use and one click wordpress installation.

For some reason when I choose “One-Click Installs” on my side bar navigation, then Wordpress in the app catalog, then “Custom Installation,” under the “install to” drop down, my domain does not show up. The database I created does show up however.

*A side note: I was able to set up wordpress using the “Simple Installation” but I want the full version of Wordress.

Please HELP!!

You may have registered the domain but have you actually gone to manage domain and added it to be fully hosted? You will need to do that before you can install the custom version on it :slight_smile:

Yup I believe I did add the domain. It shows up when I attempt to install wordpress via the simple install. But then again, maybe I’m doing something wrong??

So… when you go to Manage Domains it says all domains hosted on this account. Under that do you see your domain name and further right it says under web hosting fully hosted and the user its running under right?

If it does not say that you have not actually added it yet.

NM, I think I got it. Thanks!