Wordpress, css some times does not load?

wordpress version: 2.7.1
wp-cache: enabled
browser: firefox 3.0.6
url: http://www.blog.the-dragons-den.com

hey folks. i load my blog after i make a new post just to make sure things show up right. well i noticed that some times when you load it it appears the css does not load, if you go to the site and it shows up fine, reload about 3 times and it does it. is this a known “bug” ? i have a theory it may be because of wp-cache or maybe my browser?

It’s your browser.

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When it’s broke, view Firefox’s Error Console (Tools menu). Hopefully you’ll see something. If not…

On a time it’s broke, view the page source and make sure the .css line is in there.

Copy and paste the URL for the .css file into your navbar and see if it loads. Hit reload and reload and see if it breaks.

If all else fails, turn of WP-Cache and/or try a different browser.


sure enough, the error console shows that the css file isnt loading. it is shown in the source, and i can load the css file directly. so its a FF bug. all right thanks for the help :slight_smile: