Wordpress Crash because of WP-CACHE?



Has anyone else out there had their wordpress blog crash due to the WP-Cache plugin? I’ve had this happen numerous times and can’t figure out what is causing it. The quick fix is to delete your cache files… but it seems the problem keeps coming back eventually…

Any ideas on a permanent fix (besides disabling the plugin)?


what other widgets/plugins are you running?


I have no idea if this might be your problem, but it sounds like it might be in the right direction.

One option that people mention on the forum from time to time when combatting WP-Cache problems is to recommend WP-Super-Cache instead. It accomplishes the same basic goal but goes about it a little bit differently, so it might not run into the same trouble that you’re experiencing currently.


I wonder if something changed today. Seems as if this whole wp-cache thing started today.

My blog’s been running just fine for over a year, but today I get an error message related to wp-cache. Here it is:

wp-content/plugins/wp-cache/wp-cache-phase2.php on line 79

Is anyone else getting this message? Thanks.


Well, I deactivated wp-cache and now all is well


I’m in exactly the same boat. Wordpress install running fine for over two years … Then suddenly this morning (about 8am EST I think) I got the same error you described.

Here’s what I’ve discovered: When the error starts happening, somehow, the “/wp-content/cache” directory is no longer a directory. But there’s now a file called “cache” in the /wp-content directory …

Delete the file, manually recreate the directory, and everything starts working again. But only for a few hours … Then the folder-changes-to-file issue happens again.

The fact that we both started experiencing the same issue on the same day sure looks like more than a coincidence.



When things suddenly change, it’s a good sign that something’s changed (even if everyone denies it).

I deactivated wp-cache, and the problem went away. It hasn’t recurred. I don’t believe it ever will.


I guess this is fine and all if you don’t actually want to use wp-cache. It seems a little bit strange, though, to call turning wp-cache off a solution. It seems a bit like saying you can avoid all of those annoying security flaws in Windows by never booting your PC. While both statements certainly true, I wonder if they’re really the best answer…


Quote “Gary” at the quickonlinetips link :

[color=#CC0000]Your first mistake was upgrading to 2.3, which is a plugin serial killer.[/color]

I wonder if “Gary” places the horse under the saddle? :slight_smile:

[color=#00CC00]@OP:[/color] The WP gurus seem to prefer WP-Super-Cache as Alpicola suggests.

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Knock on wood, but the problem seems to have resolved itself, without the need to remove wp-cache.

All 3 of my wordpress installs suffered yesterday, and all 3 have been fine since 10-ish last night.