WordPress: Contact form not being sent

I’ve been playing with moving my site over to WordPress and I’ve got almost the entire thing set up and ready to implement except for one thing.

I’ve tried both the Jetpack plugin for contact forms and Fast Secure Contact Form plugin directly and neither seem to work.

I get emails from the WordPress installation set up on my test domain, but nothing comes from the contact forms. I get new user emails, and can retrieve a lost password and see both from the admin login, and the end user (for passwords).

The plugins are both up to date, and they are not running side-by-side so they aren’t interfering with each other, and as far as I know, they send the comments directly to the registered admin accounts email address.

Has anyone had similar issues with contact forms under WordPress? Any solution I have overlooked?

:cool: Eric the Grey

I’m not sure how either of those plugins are set up to work, but if the plugin is spoofing the FROM address of the email using the email address supplied by the user as a form field entry, that is the problem. Your plugin must be sending the email FROM an email address associated with your domain, for example contactform@yourdomain.com You can setup that email address as a forward only address in the dreamhost panel, and make the user supplied email address the REPLY TO, then when you receive an email generated by the form clicking reply will supply the correct address.

It should be using the default email address, but I’ve tried overriding it with the default email address (by just entering it into the to: field available) and neither seems to work.

I don’t know if it would be spoofing, or why it would be. As I said, all other email being sent from the installation is working just fime.

I though it might be something DH specific, but I guess not. I’ll check further on the WP forums and see what might be going on.


:cool: Eric the Grey

None of my php formmail scripts are working properly and Dreamhost wont answer my support about them. I think dreamhost has Php issues.

So this isn’t a solution to your problem sadly, but possibly related…I’m recently having issues with my contact form on WP. I’m using the theme “Core”, and never had any problems until (for sure) yesterday, but likely problems began Aug 16/17. I got a reply from DH tech support today saying that an anti-spam measure enacted way back in April was keeping certain emails from making into my inbox (I use gmail for webmail), and that I needed a SMTP plugin for it to work again. http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/2012/04/04/improvements-to-outgoing-spam-prevention-policy/

I’ve tried two of these plugins, their “test email” function says both are working correctly, but I never receive anything in my gmail inbox that originated from the contact form.

This makes me wonder just how many emails I haven’t gotten since I signed up with DH, and how many I’ve missed in the past 10 days.

Then again this anti-spam reason may not even be the problem, who knows.

We are having the same issues with the contact form not being sent to the user. I believe this is an issue with Dreamhost and how they have the server configured.

Note, we also have the same version of the website being hosted on Godaddy and WE DO NOT HAVE ANY PROBLEMS with delivery of the contact form.

We are using s2member and buddypress to run the membership website.

We have tried all solutions described here:

If anybody has any suggestions please help. If this issue is not resolved we will be canceling our service with Dreamhost.

Your ‘from’ email address needs to be a an email from your domain. For example if your domain is mydomain.com, the from email must be something like support@mydomain.com . I believe Dreamhost just started this to prevent spam. You can look in your Maildir to see the error messages.

Tom G,

Thanks for the input. I will try your suggestion.

Will reply with my results.

Thanks mate,


tomg is correct. We changed this policy about 2 months ago.

You can also install http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/configure-smtp/ and activate it (no need to configure) and that should make your forms work as is.

I am using Gravity Forms on two separate sites, and was having the same problems on each site. I installed the Configure SMTP plug-in, and now my forms are working again. However, I can’t get my native WP Comments forms to work. I’ve tried submitting Comments from several different pages on both sites, and no luck with either. (This problem existed before installing the plug-in, and hasn’t changed now that the plug-in is in place.)

firstep3 - Definitely an unrelated issue. If you want to tell me your domain, I can take a look for you.

How do you look in Maildir to see error messages? Will the lost emails show up here?


Via SSH, you can check Maildir in your user directory:

Then you can “cat” or “pico” (or whatever your preferred method of reading the file is) each file there and read the contents, and any possible error messages. :slight_smile:

I am having similar issues with GoDaddy. Very strange, notifications and post messages reach my inbox but not contact. Having a very hard time believing this is a PhP issue.

Check your spam filtereing on GoDaddy, though … well we don’t have admin access to their boxes :wink:

This is just mind boggling piss poor crap. Why would you do this? It honestly makes no sense at all. I have never ever had any issues using any kind of contact form. But yet one of my clients can’t get any email from a contact form using contact form 7…

So from my understanding you have to set up mail config to use your email.yourdomain.com for the host, and then use your email and password as well. Then all emails sent via a form would have the from being your own address? Please explain to me how that makes sense. How do you reply to people if the from is being sent from your own address?

Honestly what needs to be done to configure email to be sent via forms when using dreamhost as your hosting provider. I am about to switch them to hostgator as they atleast have actual 24x7 support. And I have never had any problems at all with them. Heck this client has been with you for about a month if that and have already had more than a day of downtime because of some power plant issue haha. Is dreamhost ran by a couple high school students out of a garage or what?

This whole topic has been covered repeatedly in this forum over the last year. Even down to mods specifically for contact form 7.

The issue with not allowing spoofed mail isn’t too hard to understand. Spammers use their account to send spam under a spoofed address, that gets the mail server blacklisted, and then no one on the servers mail gets through.

The “From:” header does have to be from an account on your domain (this really isn’t asking anything special, why should you be able to send mail coming from gmail, yahoo… etc when you aren’t gmail, yahoo… etc. While your use for spoofing might seem legitimate to you, it’s still “spoofing” and you can’t do it.

The “Reply-To” header can be set with the user completing the forms email address. When the form arrives you then simply click reply.

Again that makes no sense to me? What spammers? And what spoofing? So your saying if I want to use php mail to send emails on wordpress, a “spammer” is going to go in and change my contact for the TO email address to there own? Or is going to continue to send me spam, even after entering captcha so most likely not a spam bot… How is it spoofing anything when there is a from address that is being used on the contact form. Every other hosting provider I have used has never had a problem with this. It is unheard of IMHO.

Maybe the problem is more with the crap mail server they are using… Why isn’t every hosting company doing this if this is a serious issue? Why wouldn’t just those emails that are being used for spamming be blacklisted instead of the whole mail server again what are you talking about.

Seriously what do you mean by this “why should you be able to send mail coming from gmail, yahoo… etc when you aren’t gmail, yahoo… etc.”

Why would spammers use wordpress and a contact form to spam emails? Why would spammers try to send email on a hosting providers mail server, when they setup there own mail server on a localhost to spam email…

Here is a post from someone at Dreamhost that mentions exactly what I am saying… how is any of this considered or used for spoofing spam?

“It doesn’t pose a problem because all it does is let a blog on your domain use SMTP. Basically you can’t use it to spam, you can only use it to -be- spammed. Which we’d assume you wouldn’t want to do. I can’t put it on my site and then pass emails through yours, so the worst that would happen is your email is flooded by a spammer, which … well you’d have that possibility anyway, simply by having the contact form in the first place.”

But if you have good captcha etc then most likely your not going to get hit by spam bots… I have been using this form for over a year on many different websites self hosted on my own server at home, as well as with other hosting providers and have never received any spam… so again why are we not allowed to do this, why must we configure all this other crap just to receive email to a domain that is other than your own domain email. What if I have a mailto:myactualdomainemail, but want a form to go to a different email like gmail, hotmail, etc. I just don’t understand why and or how they consider this to be some crazy threat. If it was a huge issue you would think all major hosting companys would be requiring this.

Your web site is not Yahoo or Gmail. It should not send mail which claims to be from them.

Any mail your web site sends needs to tell the truth in its From header: that the message is “From” your web site. If you want to include additional information (for instance, that it was sent from your web site’s contact form, and that the user entered "jdoe@example.com" in the email field), then it should include that information in the body of the email, or in the Reply-To header.

How is that considered claiming to be from them wth are you talking about. I am not sending anything from them… only sending TO an email address provided by them. I don’t have a contact form that people can send email to who ever they want… again can you explain what you are thinking here?

How is the website not telling the truth… it is all there who is sending, I am the one receiving the email. Where it was sent from is in the body… So why does it matter which email I receive it at whether it be from @mydomain or a gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc. None of this makes sense as to why it would need to be setup this way…

I already configured the same setup for this client on a subdomain of my website hosted on hostgator and no configuration was needed at all… it just works. Installed contact form 7, entered the email I want to receive it at and done out of the box. So they are switching to hostgator anyway as they are already sick of dreamhost after only being with them for less than a month… no real support other than email, and the recent power outage that was just insane.

This sounds more like a case of overreach to me…