Wordpress Contact Form getting attacked by SPAM BOTS - Need Help

I was notified that my website web form is being spammed.
I have deleted the CONTACT form from my Wordpress site in order to stop that spam and once the spam stopped I was going to rebuild the page.

The form is deleted and I have installed CleanTalk Anti-Spam Dashboard and yet my site is still being attacked.
What am I missing here?

Where else are they attacking my site and how do I get it to stop? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

How much spam traffic are you getting? there is a huge difference between a dozen spam messages a day and a few hundreds per hour. The latter type of traffic should be automatically identified and stopped by DreamHost filters. If those are not blocked, it’s a bug on DreamHost’s end and there should be a ticket for it.

If you only get a few dozen spam messages per day then you may want to put other spam mitigation tools in place.

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