Wordpress.com to .org

I’m trying to convert my wordpress.com website to wordpress.org through dreamhost. I did the one step installation and I got an email saying it was successful but when I try to log-in to my website I still go back to the wordpress.com site. Any advice where I go to access the .org dashboard and panel? Thanks for any help![hr]
ok, when I go to my website (I own the domain name)
http://mywesbsite.com/wp-log.php it redirects me to:

How do I keep that from happening?

Oh my website is www.dermdiaries.com

I’m not familiar with wp-log.php, so that must be a wordpress.com feature. Your new site is up and running here, waiting for configuration. What’s the wp-log page supposed to do?

When I click http://www.dermdiaries.com i am being sent to a dreamhhost installation of wordpress at
and setup of the site has not yet been completed.