Wordpress.com to .org on DreamHost

Hello everybody,

Presently I have a blog on wordpress.com, and wish to host it on DreamHost using its Wordpress app installation.

In order to try out the hosting service at DreamHost, I’ve created a free account. However, I noticed that the theme I presently use on Wordpress.com is not available at the DreamHost Wordpress install.

So, my question is: is it possible to transfer a theme available at Wordpress.com to the DreamHost Wordpress app?

Thank you,

If you happen to know the name of the theme (most themes will say so near the bottom of the page if you’re reading the blog), Wordpress will let you install themes that aren’t already present. Wordpress itself only comes with one theme by default–DH just autoinstalls several dozen more for you when you set it up. Adding your own is actually quite easy.

Thank you for the reply.

I might be making the move this weekend.