Wordpress.com now totally gone

I had a wordpress.com site but wanted the customization benefits of the wordpress.org account. So I signed up with dreamhost, and i registered with the DH wordpress login and redirected the servers, and waited. So when i typed in the url for my site www.chroniclesofkate.com I was surprised when the wordpress.org login came up. I didn’t even think about it and entered a new username. Now my blog is gone on both ends. Should I have entered the same user info I used for the dreamhost wordpress login? When I login from the DH end I am able to all my dashboard and everything that was there, but when I preview post there is nothing and says it quite embarrassing. How do I fix this?

is this you: http://chroniclesofkate.wordpress.com/

No mine is www.chroniclesofkate.com

Is it possible to point your domain DNS back to wordpress.com temporarily so you can get all of your data?

I think their nameservers are:

If I do that how do i get all of my data out?

I am totally lost, I thought I was on the right track. I don’t understand where I will be signing in to post to my blog?

Okay. Bear in mind that I do not know the full story of what you have done so far, so part of this is just guess-work:

*You had a WordPress.com blog, with your own domain pointing to it ( http://www.chroniclesofkate.com )
*You wanted your own WordPress install, so you signed up with DreamHost, and then pointed your Domain at your DreamHost account
*You were expecting to be able to login and have all of your blogs from your WordPress.com to be there, but instead you found yourself staring at a blank empty WordPress site with a generic theme

Does that sound right so far?

If so, then your old WordPress.com site probably still exists out there, it just no longer has your domain pointing to it. You might be able to access it if you go to WordPress.com and log in with your original username and password.

Your new WordPress site is a brand-new shiny installation of WordPress. You own it. It is currently empty, but you can fill it. You can export the data from your old site (if it still exists and you are able to login ) and then import it into your new site. You can add new themes, plugins and edit your new WordPress site however you like.

But first, try to see if you can get into your old site so you can get all of your old posts and such.

I think what Im going to do is change the name servers back to wordpress.com . How do I do that on this end?

I have changed all the nameservers back to wordpress.com do I need to do anything else?

When I log in to wordpress.com I can see all of myblog even when i preview pages, but when i type the name in the url it directs me to a new blog, which is what i dont want

DNS changes always take time. Typically 12-24 hours. This is not a dreamhost thing, it’s how DNS works by design.

Is their anything I need to do on this end?

No. I just checked and I see your blog, so it you did it correctly. If your still seeing the dreamhost version sit tight that is also how DNS works, not everyone will get the change at the same time.