WordPress: can't modify templates - need help

I’m having trouble modifying templates in WordPress.

Here’s what’s happening:

  • In my Dreamhost/WordPress account I navigate to: Dashboard > Appearance >Editor …and select a file to edit.

  • I modify the code and then click on “Update File”

  • The code in the editor window then completely disappears.

I used the advanced install as opposed to the basic install so I know that file-write permissions aren’t an issue.

Is my problem that I first need to use ftp or ssh to upload a modified version of the file to the templates directory and then click on “Update File” ?


Is this a template that you added, or one that came with the install?

I just tried on a test site. I added a word to the Default template, then clicked Update and a moment later the screen refreshed with a Success message at the top.

I know you said it’s an Advanced Install, so the templates are in your home directory. Does your FTP program let you edit files on the server? I think WebFTP has this option. See if it’ll let you edit the file and that the change shows up on your site.


Hi Scott,
Thanks for responding to my post!

This isn’t the default template that came with the install. It’s one of the 42 designs that Dreamhost/Wordpress provide as a one-click design change. I added it after the install.

I’ll try what you suggested. I just have a Dreamhost/WordPress subdomain and a friend of mine is the main/paying Dreamhost account holder.

I’ll see if I can get the ssh or ftp login and try what you suggested.

(I wonder why Update doesn’t work when I click on it? - why it wipes out the template code and just leaves a blank page?) - will try your suggestion.