Wordpress cache plugin or Xcache?

I am running wordpress on a VPS and was wondering if anyone has insight on whether to use xcache or a wp cache plugin like super cache. Browsing through some of the DH help articles it recommends picking one or the other. Is either one faster or better? Thanks for the help.

I am wondering about this, too. Some bits of the documentation seem to contradict other bits, so I’m thinking some of it’s possibly out of date.

I would recommend Memcached and PHP’s OpCache personally.

You can use plugins with those, but having the cache on the server will be faster.

Thank you. I’ll make the changes over the weekend.

Wondering how xcache works with Cloudflare?
I have cloudflare activated on my domain. Which one is better?

XCache and CloudFlare handle two completely different tasks, and can be used together on the same site. Talking about which one is “better” doesn’t make sense.

cool Thanks for the message. I was in an impression that both serves the same purpose.

Any feedback ?