WordPress breaks in Safari

I’m a new DreamHost user and just installed and configured WordPress for the following domain:


In Mac OS X when I enter that URL in Safari or Camino, a completely blank page is returned. If I hit page refresh, or navigate to another URL and then return, the page then builds correctly in both browsers. This doesn’t appear to be a problem in Firefox Mac OS X or Windows XP or in IE 6.x in Windows XP.

Are there known issues with WordPress and Safari and Camino?

Leigh Hanlon
Chicago, USA

Actually, you might find that problem surfacing periodically in even the other browsers, as there is a well known, and documented issue with WordPress and blank pages using DH PHP 5.12.

This has come up several times before on these forums, and the fix described in the article linked above has been reported to correct the problem in every instance.

There is also a lot of discussion about “blank pages” in the wordpress.org forums and codex. Good Luck!


That was quick – thanks for the help!


No problem, and I hope this resolves your problem!