Wordpress Blog Transfer

Wonder if anyone can give me some tips about transfering my wordpress blog to a dreamhost server. I imagine I just need to copy the files in my public HTML directory and the database, but I wonder if it is that simple.

Is there something I need to know before attempting this? Is there a primer out there? Please note, I’m not familiar with doing commands on the server or the interworkings of SQL databases.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Yep, that should just about cover it. Whatever was in your public_html directory needs to be transfered to the root of your domains web accessable directory here at DreamHost. This directory will be named the same as your domain (eg: example.com).

Then you need to backup your database (using whatever tools your previous host provides), create a new database via the panel then restore the contents from your backup using phpMyAdmin.

However, if your database is larger than ~7MB you will be unable to restore it using the phpMyAdmin interface provided by DreamHost, due to the default PHP upload limit. If this is the case, you will need to restore your database using shell commands, as documented in the wiki article below;



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