Wordpress blog completely broken



My blog suddenly won’t display at all. I can link to static pages (HTML or image files) inside the blog’s directory, but any PHP file (home page, specific posts, login file) results in a blank page in Firefox (or “The page cannot be displayed” error in IE).

I haven’t made any changes to the blog since I upgraded to 2.3.3 a few weeks ago. It has been working fine until today.
So far, the support at Dreamhost has been not helpful. The tech suggested that I move all of the plugins and themes (save for default) to a new directory, assuming that one of them is corrupting something. That didn’t fix anything.

I can get the version of my blog that was saved when I upgraded to 2.3.3 to at least come up, though it has plenty of errors.

Any help? This is especially odd to me given that I haven’t changed anything, and haven’t even posted in a few days.

The blog is at:

You can see the backed-up version at least display at www.pike27.net/rfn.old/



What about your backups? Have you tried any of those?

BTW, don’t forget to save off a copies of old versions as you try these different things.

Were you doing anything like editing your .htaccess for the directory above in the www.pike27.net directory? Or can you remember the last change you made to your blog?

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Your blog is displaying fine for me …



Does anything show up in any logs?

[edit] Well, it’s working for me, too.



Thanks for the responses, everyone. A different support person finally responded to say there were some hung processes on the apache server. He killed them and restarted it, and everything is fine.

I’m glad it’s working again, but I’m ticked that the first support person cost me a couple hours of troubleshooting, time that I couldn’t afford to lose.