Wordpress Blog Comments Spam

Wordpress Blog Comments Spam

Within the past last week I have received 80+ E-mails letting me know I have received comments on my blogs posts.

They all seem to be the same, advertising online poker, casinos, & some products.

I havent disable comments in the settings, I didnt expect jerks to spam, but guess will since the blog is nothing serious that im trying to do.

One funny thing, the same day i got 30+ Comments + Confirmation E-mails I got a E-mail from Dreamhost letting me know about a Mailserver Downtime. I thought to myself, I couldnt have possibly caused this, not with 30+ confimation E-mails. But I do, and want to take every meassure possible to help eliminate unneccessary server usage, spam, proccesses etc.

Has anyone else had this problem with there wordpress blog? If so I would like to hear yours.

Link to 1 of the post with spam comments


Link to an image showing my Inbox


Macmanx, if your reading this could you msg me because I would like to get that new theme from your site for my blog. Thanks!

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Any blog that uses a popular blogging tool is a target for spammers. WordPress is no exception. There are tools out there that can alleviate the situation, but they are always circumvented. Try searching the forums on the WordPress for assistance.

I wrote my own blogging system, so I don’t get automatic spamming like the stuff you are seeing; however, I do get spam that has been manually submitted.

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Combatting spam in WordPress: http://codex.wordpress.org/Combating_Comment_Spam

The theme I’m using: http://wuhan.authenticasian.com/?page_id=11

I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.