Wordpress best for business website?

I am new to website design, and am working on creating a website for a new business I am starting. Is Wordpress the best free service to use for a business website? It seems that most of their templates focus on blogging, any recommendations on better services to use other than wordpress for a beginner? Thanks!

There are a number of CMS’s that are available via one click install, all at no additional charge.

Out of the box your correct wordpress is blog themed. However there are an amazing number of theme’s and plugins that can be acquired either free or for pay that make it different. Wordpress is a pretty amazingly versatile web app.

Since I mentioned theme’s and plugins I should also mention to do your homework on those. 3rd party theme’s and plugins can create a security hole either because the theme was intentionally designed that way as an exploit, or because the person that created it just didn’t know any better. Site security is your problem, not dreamhosts.

Another basic CMS that might be closer to what your looking for out of the box to start is concrete5.

I have very basic knowledge of html and I checked out of concrete5, but out of the box looks like Wordpress is best for me. I’m reading all of their knowledge sheets and getting some good info that way too. Thanks for your feedback!

WP all the way. Learn to use it (not very hard) and you’ll be glad you did.

You should also look at Drupal. It is designed more for web site development.