Wordpress beginner - a couple of quesions

The company I work for is considering moving our site to WordPress rather than static HTML pages. I was thinking of doing a one-click install to our hosted site as a demo of it’s capabilities and test platform to learn WordPress, but I don’t want to affect the current site operation.

I notice that during the install I can install to a sub-directory (for example http://www.mydomain.com/wptest). If I install to that directory, will it affect the main site that resides in the root directory?

If we decide to go with WordPress, It seems like a better idea to uninstall the test instance of WordPress and install a fresh copy that lives in the root directory. So I was wondering how that would be accomplished or if there is a better way. I’m assuming I’m going to make some mistakes along the way while learning and I don’t want those to haunt the production site when we go live with it.

Thanks for the advice!

I’d suggest a sub-domain, such as test.example.com rather than a sub-directory… Less chance of conflicts.