Wordpress backup for Newbie?

Is there such a thing? I have searched the forum and it appears the DH backup is not reliable. I’m finally getting my site looking good and want to back it up automatically weekly if possible? I’m using DH shared server.

Please remember in a newbie :slight_smile: Thanks

200 views and nothing? I have searched everywhere and it apears everyone has a different way of doing it??

There has to be a simple way for a rookie? I have my site looking realy good and would hate to loose what I have done so far!


VaultPress for solid backup by the folks who created WordPress.

Thanks I will sign up in the morning!

Hi r33pwrd,

When I was a newbie I have the same problem like you have. I have tried different types of Wordpress backup and struggled. I recommend you to use WP Backup Plus. It is very liable and I didn’t find any issue from the very first day I used it 'til now. You can check the site here http://wpbackupplus.com/.

-Xan Alexanders

lol I can barely afford $12 a month to keep the site up. I cannot afford $130 to back it up.

How proficient are you with SSH, SFTP and using a command-line?

If you have the ability to log in to your DreamHost account via SSH and can run some commands, I have a decent back-up script that uses your free DreamHost backup account to regularly backup your databases and website files.

But I realize this might sound challenging for some people. However, it is worth it to learn (free regular back-ups)

If I have time tomorrow I will write up a how-to.

The absolute best, gold standard, of automated WP backups is VaultPress.com - $5/month.

I know you said the $12/month hosting was the edge of your budget, but the only really option after that would be as sierracircle says, to do it manually.