Wordpress backend horribly slow. What causes it?


I desperately need some help from the Dreamhost Wordpress community.

I am having a problem with extreme slowness while editing my website from the admin backend. Every time I try to save a page, it takes 3 or 4 tries before the page will actually save. And, it takes like 45 seconds to a minute before the save completes.

I have had problems with general slowness in the past, and Dreamhost Support on two occasions sent me a bunch of links to sites that have suggestions on how to optimize your site. And on two different occasions they actually came back to me to say that the apache server my site is on was hosed and they rebooted it. They also suggested that I upgrade to the VPS, but I did a trial period of it, and it did not make any difference whatsoever. And since I don’t want my bill to change from $120 per year, to $120 per month, I canceled the trial and am now back on shared hosting.

I have visited all of the suggested sites with the information on how to optimize your site and I have made all of the recommended changes that are within my control to change. And the speed of accessing my website from the front end is much improved. But no improvement at all on the backend.

I do have a couple of subdomains though, and on one occasion, Dreamhost Support recommended that I create individual user’s for each subdomain. I didn’t really understand what they meant by that, and further inquiries on the topic were ignored. But it was implied that each domain a user has access to increases the amount of RAM that is allocated for that user. And they suggested my problem with slowness on the backend was due to having too many domains associated with a single username.

I have a domain pvda.org, with a couple of subdomains: dev.pvda.org, git.pvda.org and scores.pvda.org. And, I access all of them with one single username, as I need access to all of the files from each of them while I’m developing and testing code in my development site.

While I am working on the development site and logged into the backend of the pvda.org or dev.pvda.org website for testing code and changing settings, etc. I generally have a MobaXterm session open on my PC so that I can have command line access, and a FileZilla session open on my PC so that I can browse files and just click on them to edit them with Programmer’s Notepad.

The slowness I experience on the backend is incredibly frustrating, and I need to find a way to get rid of it. Has anyone experience significant slowness on the backend but not on the front end? And if so, do you know what causes it and how to fix it?

Thanks very much!

Looking at the error logs for your domains, I see a lot of “Premature end of script headers” which tells me you’re running out of PHP memory.

I would try increasing your PHP memory, but also switching to PHP 5.4 instead of 5.3, which uses less memory in many cases.

Thank you for responding. How do I increase my php memory?

I tried switching to php 5.4, but I apparently I have some code that is not compatible. So, I will need to take time to address that before I will know if it helps me or not. But thanks for the suggestion.

The first step though is increasing my phpo memory and I don’t know how to do that on dreamhost. On my PC I just edited my php.ini file. I tried editing my .phprc file, but that hasn’t helped.

Thanks again for your response.