Wordpress Auto-Update Features

The Short Bit:

So, what I really need to know is, with Easy Mode and Advanced Mode, will:

[] DH update the Wordpress installation in the background while
] The user can add custom theme templates
[] The user can add custom plug-ins (nothing fancy here, but will default installed plug-ins get updated? Ones I add? Is the list of available plug-ins in either the Easy/Advanced Mode enough so I do not need to worry?)
] Have Google Analytics running (see the plug-in question above)?

The Long Bit:

I am trying to set up a website for some associates. If it were my own personal site, I would like to take matters into my own hands. However, the user of this site will need a hands off approach, where the hosting provider does the updates and nitty-gritty day-to-day stuff. From what I have heard, Wordpress @ DH is the only one that really comes close to this.

So, I have heard that there are two modes of Wordpress installation at DH: Easy Mode and Advanced Mode. Unfortunately, the wiki and most other resources have been skimpy on details. I really need to know, since I have administered my own WP instances, that security updates are applied and that the user does not need to know. However, and I realize this is asking a lot, they need their own flexibility to customize (which is why I avoided Wordpress.com, or even their paid hosting options; they fall short). I checked out DreamHost Apps, and that fell very short (I will admit since I wanted a free demo, I must not have read the fine print too closely). So, can anyone speak from experience about the updating speed and consistency when making run of the mill customizations? The point being they want me to set up, not admin it for them for the rest of time. This is a small NGO, and they do not have the resources. I am reluctant for this reason, but it sounds like DH would leave them in better hands than GoDaddy, and I freaked out when I heard this was on the table.

I say don’t bother with Easy Mode. You can’t expand the software with any plugins or themes that aren’t part of the Easy install. WordPress has a very good built-in updater for core software, plugins, and themes. It’s a breeze to keep your Advanced installation up to date.

For your “hands off” user, when they log into the WordPress admin panel to do add their routine content, they will get an alert from the Updater if something needs to be updated. Then they enter the Update section, tag the items to update, then click Update and they’re set. So it’s three extra clicks for them, literally, to keep up to date.

To answer your bullet point questions, they’re all “No” for Easy Mode (though I’m not positive about the Google Analytics plugin).

@sdayman Thanks for the input. I am not sure if this is exactly what I want, but it sounds like Advanced Mode is as good as it will get for me and the user. I am not sure if this will be too much, but it is definitely worth pursuing. Thanks for your input.

Advanced mode should still be called kinda easy mode because it is still quite simplified when compared to a manual installation. Just be sure to take good notes of your login, password, and database names because losing that info is probably the worst outcome I can imagine.