WordPress as Family Blog?

I have been asked to setup a family blog-type site for allowing the family members to post photos and setup discussions and a contain address book type stuff. You know a dead simple interface where they can login and post about the family and whatnot. Maybe schedule their BBQs, maybe each person has a profile they can post updates to for everyone else to see (kinda mini facebook i guess).

So far I have registered their domain with dreamhost and setup their emails with gmail. I have also installed the WordPress but wasn’t sure if this would do what they need. At first I was thinking maybe some facebook group but setting that up wasn’t clear and I would rather host it on dreamhost then using some ad-ridden off-site redirection.

Am I headed in the wrong direction here or is there a better free available web-system then WordPress specifically for this? Maybe a plug-in for WordPress?

WordPress allows you two great choices:

  1. One site where each person has their own “category,” such as Bob, Jane, etc. They each also have their own login, and they might be able to set their own default category for posting. If not, then they can also use the dropdown menu to select the category. With the categories option, a sidebar on your blog will have a category menu so if you want to see all of Bob’s posts, click on Bob and you’ll get them. Go to the main site and you’ll see everybody’s posts again. Your family can use “tags” to further differentiate post types, such as “vacation, work, etc.” Or you can continue to add categories so they can double categorize it, but that will clutter up your Categories menu.

  2. WordPress can be installed as “Multi User,” so each family member has their own separate blog, such as bob.example.com, jane.example.com, etc. This will isolate each family member to their own website, so this might not be desirable in your situation.

You can create a section of Profiles as a group of Pages. The main Page, which is reachable from the top menu bar in many cases (or in the sidebar), can have each member’s name and picture if desired. Clicking on that person brings up a profile page, and you can add a link to their category so clicking on the “Bob’s Posts” link will bring up all of the blog entries by Bob.

that sounds like what i need, i like the idea just hope the average mom understands how to use it. nothing on a computer is ever drop dead simple is it :wink:

is there a way to add a sort of calendar for the family events?

I use Events Calendar for my WP sites. It gives me a sidebar widget that lists upcoming events and a full page calendar as well.

Please make sure that you install WordPress as an Advanced One-Click install. This way you can add plugins, like the calendar, and additional themes to skin your site. WordPress has a really easy built-in updater so it’s very easy to maintain your own site.