Wordpress & announcement lists

i am successful in setting up a wordpress site. now i want to have visitors be able to subscribe to my dh announcement list. same domain.

the subscription works, except the redirects display a 404 not found message instead of the ‘page’ that i am creating in wp.

i am using permalinks and the wp page option, set to private and invisible.

the url after completing the sub. form shows the form info (after the permalink)

must i create the redirects outside of wp or ?

thank you

I’m trying to remember how Announce works. Does it require its own subdomain? And what’s the URL to your site? For the Announce redirect, did you specify a full URL to the WordPress page?


It requires a dh hosted domain. The email address I made for it was at the subdomain for the blog.


I specified the url the wp provided for the redirect ‘page’ i created

perhaps I need to create an actual html page, but then wouldn’t my visitor be leaving my blog?

thanks much

I’ve not used this list feature, but the docs make it look like you’re missing the SubscribedURL variable, and some of the settings you’ve used don’t look right, either, like “list.”



The blog link you provide has much more info than the dh wiki!

but still the redirects do not work with the wp permalink pages.

It does work if I make html pages, however.

Thanks for your help. If someone finds a way to make the redirects be inside of wordpress, I would be interested to know.

My brain is feeling fuzzy right now, probably because I don’t use Announce lists. I still don’t understand the redirect mechanism and how you’re trying to integrate it within WordPress.

If someone else doesn’t jump in here, you may have to explain the steps you took to try to get this to work with a standard WP page.


I know this is an old thread, but did anyone come up with a solution to use wordpress pages as custom announce list pages?