Wordpress and WWW

When I first saw the question, “Do you want the www in your URL?” I thought “Leave it alone; Both http://www.example.com/ and http://example.com/ will work” would be the best option.

Then I read “WordPress is unique in that it requires the URL to either force www or remove www from the domain name.” After reading the entire section about this issue, I am still very confused about what I should choose.

It sounds like I have to choose either “add www” or “remove www.” (If I have to choose, I prefer remove.) But have I understood this properly?

It doesn’t matter; you can pick either one in your DreamHost panel.

The important point is to make sure that in your WordPress settings (Settings >> General) you select the same option that you chose in your DreamHost panel.


As it was said up, it does not matter.

but for seo purpose www is required

This information is not correct.

you are wrong :stuck_out_tongue: