Wordpress and SSL



I am running Wordpress at the root of one of my websites.

I wanted to be able to access the /wp-admin path via SSL so that I could administrate the site over public web connections.

I added a fixed IP to the domain along with a free SSL certificate from Startcom.

Now I cannot reach the http version, only the https version. That would be almost OK, except that wordpress hard codes links to style sheets, etc, to the http version.

The instructions for installing a cert indicated it would be better to just do it for a single sub-domain, but I don’t know how you’d be able to make wordpress’s control panel accessible via a subdomain without hacking wordpress (which I’d really prefer not to do).

  • Is there a way to make my content available via http AND https at the same time? (so my visitors would just pick http, but I could choose https?)
  • If not, can visitors to http be redirected to https, instead of a “The connection was reset” error when visiting http?
  • I may just be in over my head, what’s the best way to do this?

I did figure out how to change the wordpress setting so that stylesheets etc are linked to https, so at least the whole site works via https … but I don’t know how visitors will find that, since most will just type http.


I think that maybe this plugin would help, as long as my content was still available via http … and I’m not sure why it’s not.



Ok, I did a little more playing around.

  1. I want to know the best way I should have done this.
  2. I will be submitting a trouble ticket, but if anyone knows please share, how do I get people who go to http://www.example.com/ redirected to https://www.example.com/ now that I have the ssl cert installed?


Did your .htaccess get updated to only allow https access? Is there an SSLRequireSSL line in your htaccess? SSLRequireSSL will disable access to all pages in the directory (and subdirectories) except through https.

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