Wordpress and skins

Hi there,

I had wordpress installed a few weeks ago. I use skins on my site so people can choose the layout they prefer. When I started editing Wordpress, I simply added the skinning code as I would for the rest of the site. The default skins shows up fine when directed at wordpress but once a visitor has chosen a new skin and is redirected back to WP, the skin reverts back to default.

The skins still work on the rest of the site though.

I asked around at the WP support forum but got no real reply.

Help would be much appreciated. Oh, I’d also like not to convert to the WP themes as I prefer the skinned method as is. I don’t want to rely too heavily on WP at this point.

Thank you.


Well, when it happens to me, it looks like the cookie is being reset by the index page… While I’m choosing the skin, the cookie reflects the skin choice I made (“1”), but when I click to go back to the index page, the cookie value for skin choice has reverted to the default (“8”).

There’s no way to tell remotely, however, what code you have that is setting the cookie values for the skin…

  • Eric

I thought this too. I scanned through the WP coding as best I could (I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for, so I just searched for the basic set cookie functions. I deleted the ability to log cookies for commenting but that was about it. On the WP forums, someone replied and said WP didn’t touch cookies. I feel this may be untrue but I have no idea and haven’t received any more responses from there…