WordPress and Joomla on same domain


  1. I installed Joomla on my domain www.sitename.com/joomla using the One-click (advanced) installer

  2. I then installed WordPress manually on the root of www.sitename.com

When I try to access either of the two sites, I get a “Page Load Error”

I am doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance

It’s most likely htaccess files throwing stuff off. Can you verify if there’s a .htaccess file in both root and /joomla? Make sure you’ve enabled “Show Hidden Files” in your FTP program.

To get the /joomla part to work, use this wiki article for getting /stats to work. It works on the same principle:

To get WordPress to work, it’s most likely a matter of getting its .htaccess in order.


Hey Scott,

Thanks so much for the help. It worked like a charm!