Wordpress and htaccess

Hey guys, I need help! I recently switched to Wordpress 1.5 and have been having a nagging problem. Wordpress is unable to write to the .htaccess file even when the permissions are set to 666 and 777. I’d really appreciate some assistance with this. Thank you very much.

Login to your server via FTP and get to spot where you can see the .htaccess file. Then, open your browser and go to Options/Permalinks. Now, delete the .htaccess file. After that, recreate your permalink rules. A working .htaccess file should have been created in place of the old/deleted one.


Thanks mcmanx. I shall try out suggestion and hopefully it will work. Thanks again.

Hi I have also just started using WP on one of my domain but WP can’t create nor access htaccess even after following what was suggested ( deleting then going to options/permalinks to let WP create it ).

so now i’ve to hand-edit htaccess. using the latest WP.

my configuration is follows:
site url - http://myhost.com
WP url - http://myhost.com/wp
index.php is located at “/”
.htaccess is located at "/"
wp files are located at “/wp”


I am sure I have a problem with my perma links because none of the archives to the blog work. I get a 404 error for both categories and archives.

I’ve spent the last three days trying to figure this out. I found the .htaccess file using CUTEftp Pro.
When I go thru the WP Templates tab to .htaccess, i get a message:
(You cannont update that file/template: must make it writable, e.g. CHMOD 666)

I can’t change the CHMOD. When I try i get this message:

Request denied.
Verify that the file or folder exists and that you have the necessary permissions on the server to perform the requestion operation.

I do have shell access.

I checked DH knowledge base and support forums as well as WP. And I just can’t figure this out.
I hate that.