Wordpress and Gallery2

Hi all, I’m trying to install Gallery2 using One-Click installs. I’m sure the error I’m making is incredibly obvious, but I’m using One-Click installs because I know nothing about the tech side of any of this. Thanks in advance for indulging my ignorance.

Basically, I choose Gallery2 in One-Click, I type in ‘Gallery2’ to the window at the end of my DB (www.manandultraman.com/…), and I check the box beside ‘Create a database for me automatically.’

However, when I try this I immediately get an email from Dreamhost that says:

We were unable to set up gallery as requested at:

The problem was Invalid DB: manandultraman_com_2 on dh_id 350695 has no hostnames set up!

Please correct this and go to our web panel and re-submit your gallery installation request.

I have no idea how to correct this. I’m sure it’s a simple and obvious solution, but I’ve searched these forums and the web for answers and come up with nothing. Any help at all would be welcome. Thanks.


Sounds like the automatic database configurator is glitching out.

You can create a database for Gallery2 via Goodies > MySQL.

If you’re not feeling too confident with doing it yourself, let Support know about the problem via your Panel and they will most probably jump in and do it for you.

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