Wordpress and b2 blog

Could someone (anyone!) successful/knowledgeable with installation of wordpress and/or b2 blog help a girl out? Have looked up information on b2/mysql/database and am still not able to install. The current problem looks like this: http://acidspit.sugaroverload.net What am I doing wrong? (is moveable type easier??)

I see you have already moved to MT. I’m using b2 on dreamhost and find it quite good. If you move back and need help just post in here again


I was experimenting with MT and have it successfully set up on a subdirectory under my main domain. I’ve since tried to set up b2 again, in my sub domain and I still seem to have some trouble. It currently looks like this: http://acidspit.sugaroverload.net (like it can’t find the database?) Would appreciate all sorts of guidance; what am I doing wrong?